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Stacey Smith Singing Tuition

One to one  lessons

Singing one to one with a singing teacher is extremely beneficial to training the voice. Breathing can be improved, techniques polished and individual singing issues ironed out much faster than when singing in groups. The 30 minute session will consist of a thorough warm up, focusing on breathing, facial warm up and vocal warmup; the rehearsal of a song, developing techniques and skills and a relaxing cool down. 

All ages. All abilities    

Everyone can benefit from singing lessons. Whether you're a child, teenager or adult; Stacey can help you train your voice so that you build confidence and skills to become a better singer. Some people come as complete beginners, learning the ropes and early techniques that help them develop, others already have prior experience where they have learnt the basics and now want to push their vocals further, and then there are the ones who just love to sing for the pure fun of it!

100% Pass Rate

Exams are available to all students. We offer exams with both ABRSM and LCM and the exam styles vary from Classical to Musical Theatre. Stacey prides herself on having a 100% pass rate on all singing exams during her entire teaching career. 

The only thing better than singing, is more singing. 

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